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Toothache Appointment

Whether you have been away from the dentist for several years, or whether you have had routine care, sometimes you get a toothache. If this happens to you, please call for a limited toothache exam. We will take x-rays of the tooth that is bothering you and complete necessary diagnostic tests to determine what the problem is. Often times, we can treat you and fix the problem the same day.

To help your appointment run smoothly, please bring the following with you:

Your insurance card and a form of ID

A complete list of any medications you take and any allergies you have

Contact information for your general medical doctor and any specialists you see such as a cardiologist, orthopedist, or oncologist. If you require antibiotic pre- medication prior to dental treatment for an artificial joint, heart condition, or cancer, please have your physician furnish the prescription for the first visit, and take the medication as prescribed. Bring the prescription bottle with you to the visit so we may copy the prescription for our records.

Your payment is due at the time services are rendered. Be prepared to pay at the appointment. If you need financing, you may qualify for CareCredit. Our administrative staff would be happy to assist you in learning more about this option.