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Brighten Up Allen with Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a convenient and popular way for patients to update their look. When you visit Ryan Dental Group in search of a brighter, whiter smile, we can deliver. Curious about how professional teeth whitening provided by a dentist can have a huge impact on your overall self-confidence and the impressions you make on others? Consider a trip to our office and a consultation with either of our experienced and talented dentists, Drs. Michael and Laura Ryan.

We most often recommend take-home teeth whitening to our patients. Even if you desire in-office whitening to get ready quickly for an upcoming event, we’re going to recommend that you use take-home teeth whitening too so as to really maximize the results. Take-home professional teeth whitening provided at our Allen dental office has been shown to offer reliable results and consistent quality for a range of smiles, often brightening your teeth as many as eight shades or more. You simply can’t beat those results with over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

Take-home teeth whitening will involve the creation of custom bleaching trays made just for you by our dentists. You’re then free to spend a little bit of time every day wearing your trays and whitening your smile. You do this at your leisure, following our directions but fitting your teeth whitening sessions into your daily schedule as you see fit. It’s a great way for busy parents and professionals to make the most of their time and their teeth whitening.

Whitening treatments are most effective at removing yellow, brown, or orange tinges that usually occur on teeth as a result of aging, coffee, tea, or smoking. Dark gray teeth that are causes by fluorosis, smoking, or tetracycline may not whiten at all. If you do not achieve the results you want with whitening, you may be a candidate for porcelain veneers.

To find out more about the teeth whitening process and get started, contact Ryan Dental Group in Allen, Texas to make an appointment. If you’re from Lucas, Parker, Plano, McKinney, Fairview, or surrounding communities, you, too, may want to visit Ryan Dental Group for the high quality of cosmetic dentistry we provide and the excellent service you can expect.