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Root Canals Save Allen Smiles

Rescue Your Teeth with the Help of Root Canal Treatment in Allen

Your teeth are made of several layers of different materials. The outermost layer is the enamel, which protects a softer inner layer known as dentin. Further inside is an area called the pulp, which is where you can find the nerve of your tooth. There is a large pulp chamber holding nerve tissue in the crown part of your tooth, and from here, the nerves branch down through smaller canals in the roots of your teeth and out a hole at the tip root. After exiting the root tip, the nerves go to your brain so you can perceive feelings in your tooth such as temperature and pain. In addition to nerves, the canals in your tooth roots also have blood vessels, which allow the tooth to absorb things it needs from the bloodstream and to get rid of toxins and other unnecessary materials. Deep decay that goes all the way through the enamel and dentin and communicates with or comes close to the nerve area of the tooth can cause infection or inflammation within the root canal system. Trauma and tooth fracture can also cause infection or inflammation within the root canal system. As the body tries to fight the infection, blood flow to the tooth can increase and pus can form, which leads to pressure within the tooth. The pressure and infection can cause extreme pain, degeneration of the bone around the tooth, swelling, and abscess. Your dental team at Ryan Dental Group in Allen, TX can treat this problem and restore your tooth to full form and functionality by performing root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy involves gaining access to the nerve and other tissues within the canals in the roots of your teeth, removing all the bacteria and infection there, and then filling in the now empty canal spaces with a biologically inert material. Since teeth lose a lot of their inner core during root canal treatment, they are weakened and usually need a crown placed over the tooth at the completion of the root canal to protect them from breaking.

Teeth in need of root canal therapy may or may not cause pain, depending on how the body handles the initial insult to the nerve. Sometimes, an injured nerve quickly inflames and builds pressure faster than the body can get rid of the pressure, and this is painful. Other times, the injury to the nerve may cause the nerve die slowly with the body more able to handle the inflammation so that little or no obvious symptoms are produced. Although you may not be in pain, we may see signs of infection in the bone surrounding the tooth on an X-ray or through tests we can perform on the tooth that let us know the nerve is no longer functioning. If tests reveal that the nerve in the tooth is non-functional or dead, this tooth is called a necrotic tooth. A reason for the necrosis cannot always be determined. Even if you're not in pain, necrotic teeth need root canal therapy to clean out the infection that caused the death of the nerve.

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