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Our Dental Technology

At Ryan Dental Group, we are passionate about serving patients with the latest that modern dentistry has to offer. Our team works hard to stay on top of advances in dental technology to equip our office with the very best. One example is with the iTero Intraoral Scanner, which provides your dentist with a highly precise look into your mouth. Forget the days of those messy, uncomfortable impressions. They make many patients gag, and they simply do not provide the best model of your mouth. The intraoral scanner, however, is engineered to give dentists the best view of your teeth, gums, and all oral structures.

Intraoral Scanner Improves Accuracy

With an intraoral scanner, we get a more accurate view of your mouth than we have ever had. This improved accuracy greatly enhances treatment planning, which means your crown, denture, Invisalign tray, or whatever your dental work may be fits just like it should.

Ryan Dental Group has chosen the iTero Intraoral Scanner for our practice because we know it is the leader in the field. As their website explains, “As of March 2016, iTero scans have been used in more than 1.2 million restorative crown, bridge, and custom implant cases and more than 2.7 million iTero orthodontic scans, including more than 1 million Invisalign® scans*.” It’s popular for a reason -- because it works the best.

Benefits of the iTero Intraoral Scanner

The advantages of using the iTero intraoral scanner versus traditional impressions or other types of scanners are significant. It is the leader on the market today, and patients of Ryan Dental Group can benefit from its use in restorative dentistry.

Some of the most apparent benefits of the iTero scanner include…

  • Less time spent sitting in the dental chair. Traditional impressions take a while to complete -- but the iTero scanner dramatically reduces the time it takes to create a model of your mouth.
  • More comfortable. Waiting around with a mouthful of cement isn’t exactly fun, and patients with sensitive gag reflexes may find traditional impressions intolerable.
  • The intraoral scanner can be used for a number of treatments, from preparing for dental crowns to bridges, dental implants, and more.
  • Digital scans are instantly sent directly to the lab, limiting the risk of miscommunication or other delays.
  • Digital impressions are more eco-friendly, as they don’t require the use of cement, paper, packaging, or anything else. The scans are stored electronically and easily transferred from office to office.

When comparing digital impressions to those captured the traditional way, there is really no question. Digital is always more efficient -- and the iTero intraoral scanner performs the job the best.

Choose the Practice that Values Dental Technology

The team at Ryan Dental Group works hard to stay up-to-date with the latest dental advances, and that means you can feel confident you are always receiving the most up-to-date care when you choose our office. If you are in need of restorative dental care or just want to visit the dental practice that offers the best in modern dentistry, contact Ryan Dental Group. Schedule your visit today!