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Children's Dentistry Gets Your Child on the Right Oral Health Path

Your Entire Family is Welcome at Ryan Dental Group

If you have a child, you know how important his or her health is to a parent. Oral health is one part of the overall wellness picture, and you’ll want to do all you can to ensure that your child gets a good headstart on a healthy smile. With children’s dentistry from Ryan Dental Group in Allen, Texas, you can do just that. Dr. Laura Ryan likes to focus a lot of her energy on helping our youngest patients have fun while learning all about their oral health.

Your child should start seeing a dentist around the age of three, although you might want to bring him or her to us for an initial visit earlier if you notice any problems. Many patients wonder why they would need to rush their child in before they have their adult teeth. They’re just baby teeth – what’s the big deal? Even though those baby teeth are going to fall out, they still need protection from cavities and other possible issues. If a baby tooth falls out too early or becomes decayed, it can cause problems with development or lead to infection. Plus, starting early with a dentist who understands children’s dentistry and can ease your child’s fears means that he or she will be at a much lower risk of developing dental anxiety down the road. That’s why Dr. Laura Ryan of Ryan Dental Group is such a great choice for children’s dentistry in Allen – she has a background in the field of education and plenty of experience working with kids. She brings this background to our family dental office and makes children’s visits both soothing and fun.

Once your child loses his or her baby teeth and the adult teeth erupt, we can add dental sealants and fluoride treatments to his or her children’s dentistry treatment plan. Dental sealants are placed on your child’s molars and help reduce the risk of cavities. These thin, clear coverings essentially prevent plaque from forming in the nooks and crannies that cover the chewing surface of a molar. Adults have a hard enough time getting all the decay-causing bacteria out of every crevice – kids aren’t yet skilled enough at oral hygiene to do a thorough job, and dental sealants provide “training wheels” for the teeth during these delicate years. Fluoride treatments can strengthen tooth enamel, making teeth more capable of resisting decay.

Dr. Ryan will also focus on educating your child about the best way to care for his or her own teeth and gums. As you know, your oral hygiene routine plays a big role in your overall dental health, and the same is true for kids. During children’s dentistry visits at our Allen, Texas dental office, Dr. Ryan will show your child how to brush and floss, as well as educate him or her about making great nutritional choices for a healthy smile.

When your child is ready for a dental visit, contact Ryan Dental Group in Allen, Texas. Families from Lucas, Parker, Plano, McKinney, Fairview, and surrounding communities often turn to us for children’s dentistry because of our convenient location and reputation for comprehensive dental care. Bring your whole family to Ryan Dental Group and experience healthy smiles for life!