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Is it Time for a Root Canal? Have No Fear With Our Painless Procedure

August 11, 2015

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Take care of a painful tooth with root canal treatment.A root canal can be one of the most intense experiences for anyone. After all, the whole process involves digging into your teeth and removing infected areas. It’s serious business because any infection that is left alone and not properly treated can wreak absolute havoc on your oral health. Do you like ailments like cancer, diabetes, high-blood pressure or stroke? Yeah, we didn’t think so. A root canal is a necessary procedure for patients who have a cavity that has forced a tooth to break down. That painful toothache you’ve been experiencing isn’t by accident. There’s all sorts of bacteria that has infected your tooth’s pulp and has started making its way into the nerve area. Anytime the nerve area is affected, you get a toothache. Depending on how advanced the infection is will determine how much pain you have to endure. Some patients can deal with it, others can’t get through another day. Either way, something must be done, and we have the tools, team and talent to get it done right. Dr. Michael Ryan, Dr. Laura Ryan and Dr. Meredith Davis are the dentists Allen, TX residents can go to for painless root canal therapy.

Common Questions Regarding Root Canal Treatment

When anyone hears the words “root canal”, their minds automatically shift to a horror film. It really shouldn’t because our treatment is painless and successful. Before getting treatment or when they first find out they have an infection, patients always have questions when it comes to this treatment. Below are a few of the most common:

“Why do I need a root canal?”

Short answer: a cavity has embedded itself deep into your tooth and is singlehandedly destroying the tissues inside of it. If you don’t get it taken care of soon, your nerve is at risk of becoming infection, thus requiring the removal of the tooth.

“What happens during the procedure?”

Our dental team will remove any and all infected pulp tissue from the tooth or teeth, then fill the open space with a special dental compound that’s meant to keep the surface from being attacked again. It saves your tooth for good!

“Will it hurt?”

For a majority of patients, no. It all depends on how severe the cavity is and how much pain you’ve experienced so far. While there could be some slight sensitivity and maybe minimal pain, overall, it’s a highly successful treatment that has given countless patients a reason to smile again.

Painless root canals are a part of what we do. Take care of any infections immediately so you can enjoy optimum oral health.

Schedule Your Root Canal, Allen

We invite all of our Allen, TX residents to get their toothache properly cared for with root canal treatment. We also offer this service to those of you in McKinney, Plano, Richardson, Fairview, Frisco and beyond.

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