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Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Smile

April 2, 2014

she hurt so bad.Living with pain is never easy, but tooth pain can turn your world upside down. It is one thing for pain to come and go, but when it is constant, the effects can be crippling. You may think that there is no respite to your pain, or that the process of getting it handled will hurt as much as the toothache itself. Fortunately, the doctors at Ryan Dental Group are able to alleviate your tooth pain by performing root canal therapy.

Root canals have gotten a bad reputation over the years with people thinking that they cause more harm than actually alleviate it. Nothing could be further from the truth, and it is important that people realize that instead of going through life in unnecessary pain.

A root canal needs to be performed when the pulp of the tooth has been infected. This can happen when there has been a crack in the tooth, a cavity, dental trauma, and many other reasons. The way we address the situation is removing the infected pulp from the tooth. We then fill the tooth, put antibiotics on it, and place a crown on top to prevent any further harm from taking place.

One of the reasons why root canal therapy is so important is because if a severe tooth ache is left untreated, it can start wreaking havoc on the rest of your mouth, as well as your body. If the infection starts to touch your nerves, it can really start affecting you in a negative way. It is important to take care of any dental pain you may have as soon as possible, and Ryan Dental Group is just the place to have that done!

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