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Options For Replacing Missing Teeth From Your Dentist in Allen, TX

July 25, 2016

Your dentist in Allen, TX can restore your smile by replacing missing teeth.Missing teeth impact your life in so many ways. Eating the foods you normally enjoy becomes a challenge because you can’t chew properly. Talking and smiling in front of others becomes difficult when you feel self-conscious. Your oral health also begins to suffer, as missing a tooth puts you at a higher risk for more tooth loss. The good news is that you have many options available for replacing your missing teeth that your dentist in Allen, TX will discuss.

Dental Bridges

These permanent appliances are excellent for replacing one or multiple missing teeth, especially if they’re adjacent. With dental crowns that anchor to your natural teeth, a bridge fills in the gap with prosthetic teeth. Your bridge will be customized to match your existing teeth and complete your smile.

Partial and Full Dentures

A partial denture is a removable appliance that uses prosthetic teeth to fill in the open spaces like a puzzle piece. Your prosthetic teeth attach to a metal clasp that anchors to your remaining teeth. Partials can be removed at night for brushing and cleaning, and they’re a great way to replace multiple missing teeth.

Dentures are designed to replace an entire arch of missing teeth and work well for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth. A denture is typically made of acrylic and it utilizes suction to your jawbone to stay in place. There is a learning curve for most patients when they begin eating and talking at first with their new denture, but patients appreciate how it immediately restores their smile.

Dental Implants

The best replacement for one or more missing teeth is a dental implant and this is because it replaces both your root and your tooth. A titanium post acts as your new root, and it integrates with your bone after being surgically placed. Your titanium root creates a stable foundation to support your new tooth, which closely mimics your natural tooth.

Your new tooth is made of high quality porcelain and custom designed to naturally complete your smile. An implant crown functions just as your natural tooth would, so you’ll be able to eat, chew, brush and floss as you were always used to. Implants are also very durable and with the right home care and regular dental check ups it can potentially last for a lifetime.

Dental implants can also be used to support bridges, partials and dentures. Implants are providing denture wearers more support and a secure fit so there’s no movement or slippage when talking or eating.

At Ryan Dental Group, Dr. Michael Ryan is a prosthodontist who specializes in helping patients who struggle with missing teeth restore their smiles. After a thorough examination, x-rays, and consultation Dr. Ryan can make recommendations as to which replacement would best meet your needs. We know you’ll be impressed with the level of care that we offer at Ryan Dental Group. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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