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Allen, TX dentists explain main treatments

January 3, 2016

Allen, TX  dentistsPreventive dentistry services in Allen, TX promote strong teeth and healthy gums. Read about what Ryan Dental Group offers patients of all ages.

Preventive dentistry focuses on avoiding gum disease, dental decay and the problems related to poor bite and jaw alignment. Drs. Michael Ryan, Laura Ryan and Meredith Davis of Ryan Dental Group want their Allen, TX patients to enjoy the best oral and overall health possible. So, they focus on preventive dental services which keep mouths healthy for the long term.


The most important preventive dentistry treatments

The semi-annual exam and cleaning is the best tool in preventing major oral health issues. The Allen, TX dentists at Ryan Dental Group believe that catching developing problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease, at their earliest stages allows patients to keep their teeth for a lifetime and to avoid the expense and discomfort of complex restorative treatments.

The routine dental exam at Ryan Dental Group includes:

  • a complete visual inspection of teeth, looking for decay, gum disease and bite problems
  • a check of restorations already in the mouth (fillings, crowns, bridges)
  • x-rays when needed to view root and bone structure and to detect hidden decay
  • a quick and pain-free oral cancer check-up
  • periodontal probing, a measurement of the space between teeth and gums

A skilled dental hygienist cleans and polishes the teeth, removing sticky plaque and tartar which lead to decay, gum disease and tooth loss. This routine scaling prevents accumulation of plaque and tartar that not only destroy oral health but adversely affect overall health in the form of heart disease, diabetes and other serious threats.

These services support the good brushing and flossing habits patients practice at home. They provide the dentists opportunity to teach about good at-home hygiene and diet and to address any concerns individuals have regarding the condition and appearance of their teeth and gums.

Additional preventive treatments

Some patients seem more prone to tooth decay than others. Heredity, age, tobacco use, diet and hygiene all impact the integrity of tooth enamel.  Fluoride, whether in the municipal water supply or in toothpastes and rinses, has provided extra protection against cavities for generations.

At Ryan Dental Group, the dentists may recommend prescription strength fluoride toothpastes for some patients or special fluoride varnishes applied directly to tooth enamel after a cleaning. Both children and adults benefit from these treatments, experiencing less decay and even less tooth sensitivity. Easy, fast and budget-friendly, fluoride treatments add a measure of durability to tooth surfaces.

Further, the Allen, TX preventive dentists advise plastic sealants for young, deeply grooved molars. These safe and long-lasting coatings apply quickly and are hardened with a special curing light. They last for years and may be re-applied as needed to protect teeth from cavities.

Support your smile

The preventive dentists at Ryan Dental Group in Allen, TX wish the brightest, strongest smiles for you and yours. Contact the friendly office staff today to set-up your routine appointment.

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