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Allen Dentist Uses Extractions to Save the Rest of Your Smile

November 8, 2017

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woman dental pain uncomfortableYour dentist’s main goal is to save your teeth. The last thing your dental team wants to do is pull your teeth out. If you think that your dentist in Allen doesn’t care about your comfort and just wants to remove your teeth, this post is for you. Tooth extractions are the last option and here’s why.

Getting Ready for a Tooth Extraction

The only time that your dentist may recommend having your tooth pulled is to save the rest of your teeth. Although this isn’t ideal, it’s only performed to save the rest of your smile. Before you move forward with getting a tooth extraction, be sure to communicate with your dentist these things:

  • Your complete medical history since you’ll be undergoing oral surgery.
  • Medications you’re currently taking because you’ll also be sedated in our office.
  • History of heart issues or man-made heart valves to avoid complications.
  • Impaired immune system deficiencies.
  • Artificial joints or past surgeries.
  • A medical history of bacterial endocarditis.

The Main Reasons That You May Need a Root Canal

Dental Damage

A tooth may be damaged by an accident, causing dental trauma to your tooth and neighboring teeth. This could leave your smile susceptible to infection. This could lead to tooth loss. Pulling your natural teeth becomes a better option than losing multiple teeth in your smile.

Overcrowded teeth

This is out of your control, but it can cause you to have severe damage and dental pain. In most cases, when wisdom teeth begin to come in, you’ll start to notice the painful symptoms of overcrowding. You may see your smile start to shift as well. To avoid further dental problems, your dentist will recommend removing your teeth.

Infected Teeth

As mentioned above, teeth can become infected from damage. If the inside of your tooth becomes infected, it can easily spread to your other natural teeth. If root canal therapy isn’t sufficient, this is where extraction may be the best option.

When Is Extraction Not the Best Option?

There are few situations where a simple extraction just isn’t feasible. For instance:

  • Teeth with multiple tooth roots without a straight removal path.
  • Impacted teeth aren’t ideal for simple extractions.
  • Teeth with brittle roots that could break apart during extractions.

In the case that you have any of these listed issues, your dentist can explore other options with you.

About Our Office

Here at Ryan Dental Group, we believe in saving your smile at all costs. We will only make the best recommendations for your oral health. If there is a time that a tooth does need to be pulled, your dentist can perform comfortable extractions or explain another more fitting option during your consultation. Feel free to call us to schedule your next dental appointment with us!


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