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Allen dental implants look and feel like natural teeth

December 3, 2015

Allen dental implantsLook, feel and function–dental implants from Allen cosmetic dentists at Ryan Dental Group deliver all 3. These tooth replacements strengthen the jaw, too.

What’s the finest tooth replacement option? It’s the Allen dental implants available from Ryan Dental Group. Replacing a tooth from root to crown, the dental implant looks real, feels real and strengthens the jaw for decades of reliable service.


Are you missing one or more teeth?

Dr. Michael Ryan, Dr. Laura Ryan and Dr. Meredith Davis of Ryan Dental Group in Allen, TX encourage you to explore the dental implant as an excellent tooth replacement option. Unlike fixed bridgework which requires enamel preparation of adjacent teeth or traditional dentures which can slip, dental implants bond right to the jaw bone. They can replace one or more teeth or anchor bridgework or dentures, too.

Why are implants so successful?

Dental implants boast a success and retention rate of over 90 percent, states the American  Academy of Implant Dentistry. The titanium in the implant devices melds right to the natural jaw bone, creating a strong foundation through a natural process termed osseointegration. Materials are high quality and biocompatible; the body readily accepts the device, and in fact, it strengthens the bone which otherwise would recede after tooth loss.

Furthermore, patients testify that they cannot tell the difference between their natural teeth and their implants. Care is routine–just twice daily brushing and flossing plus regular check-ups and cleanings at with the cosmetic dentists in Allen.

Kinds of implants and the procedure

Your Allen cosmetic dentist evaluates each candidate for dental implants to see if gums are healthy and jaw bone of sufficient size and density to accept an implant device. Gum disease may be treated before an implant procedure, and the dentist can augment jaw bone with donor tissue and other materials if necessary.

Also, the dentist chooses the proper kind of implant device. There are 3 kinds:

  • endosteal, shaped like a screw, which the doctor surgically places right into the jaw bone. After the site heals, the dentist attaches a metal post and custom-made porcelain crown to the titanium implant.
  • subperiosteal, which rests on the bone. This type often supports bridgework or a denture and works well when bone is weak.
  • mini-implant, which is a narrower version of the traditional dental implant. A series of mini-implants supports a denture or other multi-tooth prosthetic appliance.

Additionally, dental implants are not a one-size-fits-all device. Rather, the dentist carefully analyzes patient need, selecting a device that is just the right size and shape.

The implant procedure typically takes several months. Placement of the titanium implant is a comfortable, in-office surgery which normally requires no more than local anesthesia. Sutures close the gums, and after the site is healed and the implant integrated into the bone, the patient returns to Ryan Dental Group to receive the post and crown.

Learn more about your options

The team at Ryan Dental Group will be happy to evaluate your tooth replacement options and explain the procedures in greater detail. Make your appointment for a personal consultation by contacting the office. You could be on your way to a beautiful, lasting smile.

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