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Allen cosmetic dentists teach about aesthetic processes

February 3, 2016

Allen cosmetic dentistsChanging smiles takes precise care. Learn about aesthetic dental processes and who performs them from Allen cosmetic dentists, Michael and Laura Ryan.

You want to make cosmetic changes to your healthy smile. Enamel discoloration and a chipped front tooth embarrass you. Boost self-confidence by selecting the best cosmetic dentists in Allen, TX. Drs. MIchael and Laura Allen offer many aesthetic dental services that can deliver your best smile.


What a great cosmetic dentist offers

Formerly a 7th grade science teacher, Dr. Laura Ryan joins her passion for patient education with her husband Michael’s advanced training in prosthodontics. Together, they offer outstanding cosmetic dental services focused on patient goals and precise and lifelike cosmetic improvements. From natural-looking and functioning Allen, TX dental implants to professional teeth whitening, Ryan Dental Group deliver smiles that make patients happy. The professional team is truly a model of what modern cosmetic dentistry is all about.

How do you want to improve your smile?

As a cosmetic dentistry patient at Ryan Dental Group, tell the Allen, TX dentist what bothers you about your smile and how you would like to change it. Are your teeth gapped or crowded? Do stains mar the smile zone at the front of your mouth? Are teeth unevenly worn, chipped or cracked?

While Dr. Michael Ryan and Dr. Laura Ryan encourage realistic expectations for any smile makeover, they can and do change smiles with spectacular results. Modern imaging techniques and complete dental exams ensure oral health first, and then comprehensive treatment plans address cosmetic needs according to patient desire and of course, budget. Even small changes impact appearance and self-image.

Get a smile analysis

The best Allen cosmetic dentists offer what’s called a “smile analysis.” During this consultation, the doctors explain their findings and proposed treatment plan. Commonly, simple to complex makeovers contain these popular and effective dental services:

Professional teeth whitening Performed in about an hour at Ryan Dental Group, or more frequently, as an at-home treatment, teeth whitening improves enamel stained by coffee, darkly pigmented foods, smoking and simple age. Yellowed teeth brighten most easily, but Dr. Ryan can accurately predict how different your smile will look after careful application of hydrogen peroxide gel. Either painted on at the office, or applied via customized acrylic trays in the privacy of your own home, this powerful bleaching gel whitens teeth by up to 8 shades. It’s safe and long-lasting, too, with good oral hygiene.

Composite resin bonding This unique combination of porcelain and acrylic fills chips, cracks, and gaps. It smooths pits and minor crowding, too. Durable and tooth-colored, composite resin matches natural tooth color. Your Allen, TX dentist and prosthodontist artistically applies and shapes the resin to achieve a beautiful look and finish.

Porcelain veneers These custom fabricated super-thin shells of dental ceramic cover the front side of heavily stained or oddly shaped and chipped teeth. Strengthening enamel and producing an even, straight smile, porcelain veneers permanently refurbish teeth with a youthful, but natural, look.

What can we do for you?

Compile your list of concerns and goals, and visit Ryan Dental Group. You’ll find the finest cosmetic dentistry team in the area ready to help you achieve a great new look. Contact the office today for an appointment.

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